Chinese Television 8 Joins the Freeview Team

Chinese Television 8 (CTV8) joins the Freeview Team

Yes, CTV8s going to be New Zealands first Free to air, national Chinese programming channel.

After several months of negotiation and extensive planning it is clear that the channel will launch at 2009.

World Television Limited, owner of New Zealands Asian programming channels has just announced that CTV8 (Chinese Television 8 -currently broadcasted in Auckland’s UHF 62) will join the Freeview channels group.

Along with Te Reo, STRATOS, Maori Television and CUE. CTV8 will offer Chinese Programming to over 6% of current Freeview subscribers in New Zealand which brings in New Zealands first Free to air 24/7 Asian and Chinese Channel in Digital quality all for FREE.

The Programming in CTV8 consist of mainly programming from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Only available in Chinese:Mandarin audio and possibly in English audio or subtitles. It is not too sure about the issues concerning the EPG and Online Program Guide.

The Official Launch Date is not exactly clear and final, but the launch will exactly launch in 2009.

Though it is not clear whether CTV8 will either broadcast on Terresterial or Satellite transmissions. For more information regarding CTV8 please contact World TV on 09 5712288 then press 4 for English Assistance.

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  • Jack

    I just read the news about CTV8s going to join freeview. Where did you get this news from? I am a CTV8 audience, and I asked them about this. They do not even know when and whether they are going to join freeview. I’d love to
    watch Chinese TV, if it is from the management of WTV, that will be great! Please reply me to confirm whether the message is true or not.
    But WTV will not be the first Chinese channel on freeview. I heard that Chinese New Zealand TV is on freeview already and going to broadcast soon in 2008.

  • Tui

    I’ve heard that this is true.

  • shortyandre

    Hey Jack and Tui

    Thanks for taking interest! Actually, Ive just got this information from their 3pm News bulletin weekdays called ‘Sing winh jing ru tan’ (theyve been talking about freeview to their chinese audiences for few days now).

    So far the information, Ive got is true cause I’ve actually ring the World TV Management my self and theyve commented to me that they will be live on Freeview (HD)next year, and perhaps around 1st Jan 2009 (though not sure about their slot number) If you find my sources to be confusing, you should ring World TV directly (there number is above).

    Hope your enjoying their programming, Thanks 😉

  • addict


  • qwertyuiop

    No Olympics coverage on CTV8 though, Probably World TV is going to screen highlights on its chinese channels on SKY?

  • dd

    doubt it unless its for the news. only tvnz have the rights to screen it in nz and pacific islands

  • I got Freeview!

    Theres going to be a rise in Freeview |HD receivers because of the Olympics on TVNZ SPORT EXTRA and CTV8 coming soon to the Terrestrial platform in HD quality.