Easy as ABC - The NZ media alphabet

Some highlights from John Drinnan’s column this morning:

How much longer will MediaWorks cover financial losses for the TV3 breakfast show, Sunrise? C4 boss Andrew Szusterman has been given the job of increasing dismal audiences. Expect to see a less newsy, more entertainment-focused show.

What is behind the two-month break TVNZ has given Breakfast host Paul Henry? We hear that Henry has made it clear that he would like a permanent place in prime time and that the break is part of an offer intended to prevent his departure and that he will be moved to prime time.

TVNZ head of news and current affairs Anthony Flannery got a lot of flak when he was named as Bill Ralston’s replacement. The Aussie with a background in tabloid TV was derided as a lightweight at a time TVNZ was downgrading the influence of its news division. But Flannery has overseen a ratings turnaround at One News.

Sky Television’s introduction of the My Sky 2 second-generation personal video recorder (PVR) has extended its lead over digital service offered by Freeview.

But the consortium of free-to-air broadcasters is planning its own accredited PVR later. And TV manufacturers’ moves this month to install Freeview tuners in new TV sets will give it an advantage.

Tony Veitch’s mea culpa for lashing out at his partner Kristin Dunne-Powell sounded very similar to Paul Holmes’ explanation of his infamous “cheeky darkie” remark. Perhaps that is because Holmes helped his Radio Network workmate to write it.

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