Episode 2

Sunday 10 August, 5.30pm

In BeTWEEN is a new local issues-based series for tweens presented by Julia Wright and Jeremy Hollis in front of a live studio audience. The show deals with all the hard stuff that tweens want to know about but don’t know who to ask.

In episode two of In BeTWEEN, Julia and Jeremy get the low-down on kissing from Shortland Street’s popular nurse Tania Jefferies, played by Faye Smythe. In her four years on the show Nurse Jefferies has dated and kissed quite a few Shortland Street hotties. But who is the best smoocher on the Street?
Then there’s the other side of the story from someone who’s 22 and only kissed one girl. Christian Parker plays in a band, he’s a model and he’s also studying. Julia and Jeremy find out why he’s only pashed one girl and what it would take for him to pucker up again.

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