Give Sunrise A Chance! Yeah, Right

Fellow Thronger, tvnewser who borrows his name from a famous American-blog thinks TV3’s Sunrise should stay.

Sunrise has hardly been on air for very long – of course it will not initially be as good as Breakfast, nor will it pick up the same ratings at the start.

tvnewser: Here are the facts…

Sunrise has been on air since October 2, 2007 when it first went to air. Since then, the ratings for the show have not been high enough to rate. Initial public opinion and media opinion have put the show as a write off.

They haven’t got the formula. Think about it, it’s now July 2008 and they still haven’t got it right.

Breakfast on the other hand is, and always will be an informative, well done breakfast programme. It’s been doing it, since what 1995?

Sunrise will be “gone by lunchtime”, with any luck.

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Matt Cohen is a 24 year old web developer. He runs a private web design and marketing agency.
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  • tvnewser

    I understand your facts, but what I meant when I said it has “hardly been on air for very long” was that it had not even been on for one year, which you have verified. For a news show especially, that is not really a long time.

    They generally have the same formula as Breakfast, but their execution of that formula is what many see as the problem. i.e. the presenters and the set are two things that a lot of people describe as the problem, and they are right to some extent.

    As long as TV3 are not afraid to take a risk, then the show could get much better in a few years. Look at Prime News as an example, it may not be the most popular news show in NZ, but just look at the improvement it has made since it’s first year of production!

    You may think a year or two may be a long time for a show to pick up in the ratings, but we all know that the way ratings are gathered is not the best. It is a very small collection of people representing New Zealand in gathering that data. When new participants join the ratings gathering system then things could change altogether. I once saw an online poll where Sunrise won as the morning news show people usually watch.

  • bobscoffee

    it’d be interesting to know what sort of people voted in that poll

  • MrCynical

    Gone by lunchtime? Geez update your political pop culture references already.

    Got a few titanic jokes to crack while you are there?

    I have not seen either, what with working for a living, but if anything your archaic old man resistant to change attitude would make me want to watch that over the other now.

  • MrCynical

    Ah, so you copy someone else who made an out of date political meme instead of coming up with it yourself…

    Nope, don’t see how that is better

  • mattcohen

    lol @ MyCynical. Just for your reference, it was a crack at a comment someone posted on another Sunrise related article today. Archaic old man? I’m a 24 year old web developer and marketer.

    Get a grip.

  • TV Blogger

    The problem with ‘Sunrise’ is they REFUSE to listen to their customers (the viewers).
    Since the beginning, the producers of TV3’s slowest train-wreck have clawed this show out of the jaws of success with stupid inane segments that no one gives a rat’s ass about.
    Dear Mark and Friends.
    The sooner you realize morning audiences will consume what they want, and not what you tell them they want, the better.
    In the face of public indifference that damn Karaoke Catastrophe continues to get air time.
    Do us a favor. If they haven’t made enough tape that week, just chuck up some bars & tone and be done with it.
    There are SO many crazy CHEAP ways to win audiences back and even make cash in a morning time-slot.

    The 6PM bulletin has finally been fixed… For the second time, and now it’s going to take time to win audiences back from One News.
    Campbell Live’s doing great packages, but John’s agenda-driven highlights are still isolating audiences before they get a chance to see all the hard-work reporters put in.

    The biggest egos seem to be at ‘Sunrise’, which is as ironic as it is misplaced, given NO ONE should be proud of a 7.4 share up against Breakfast’s 60.5
    They don’t even have Paul regularly anymore, and whilst they have a good production team… They aren’t that good (to justify that sort of margin).

  • Ron

    Problems with Sunrise would appear to be the Hosts. For God sake one of them can’t even grow a head of hair. Get good hosts and you might get somewhere. Trouble is now that Ironbridge are starting to want some of their money back and are squeezing all parts of MediaWorks. Youc an see it on stations like RadioLive where anything that costs money is dumped. Where once there was a pre breakfast news hour now it is replaced by a copy of a second rate farming programme of B-Sport. Some days they play tapes that are several days old and then repeat them for two-three days in a row.
    So any hope of getting improvements on TV3 are likely to be impossible if it requires money.

  • fgff

    well honestly when is 3NEWS gonna get a studio and music/grpahics upgrade????????????????????

  • Just me

    Honestly “fgff” if that is all you have to winge about, it just goes to show it is worth watching.

    On the other hand the reason why I dont watch TV1 breakfast (I can only watch between 6:30 & 7am) is that it is just a time waster (wasted space) while TV3 is packed with useful information.

  • jono

    its good to see the viewer havin control over the remote…Viewers know when television is crap and tv1 6.30 – to 7am obviously has no intrest to anyone

    and yes tv3 has a full packed halfhour with need to know stuff…go Sunrise!!!!

  • jonono

    whereas 6-9 on sunrise is full of crap?

  • Just me

    There is just one thing that worries me.
    well more than that in fact, but that is another problem.

    On Saturday morning TV1 one has “the best of breakfast” 7AM to 7:30 (man I just love that) 12.5 hours of “breakfast” during the week and TV1 can only find 30 minutes of that to make “the best of it ……..” if my maths is still maths that says only 4% of “breakfast” is worth seeing again.

    Just when you think things look grim, it gets even grimmer.

    TV3 can not find any of “sunrise” to make “the best of it ……..”

    Is that why everyone goes for TV1, because from square one TV3 is subconsciously telling you we dont have any “best of it” not even 30 minutes out of 12.5 hours. WHY?

    Man what a worry ?!$*#)

  • Sezz

    The annoying thing about Sunrise is it seems like it doesn’t know what type of show it is. Personally it’s a hard show to watch because it’s stiff and feels held back. It’s too newsy for me (although 30min updates are nice) and the lighter segmants are boring with no creativity.

    Watch Sunrise on YouTube from Australia and it looks like they are having a ball evey morning. This doesn’t come through on the NZ one.

    Sunrise can be great and TV3 would be silly to ditch it so early. If they had done that with their news they wouldn’t be around anymore. Then again they seem to have gotten a little cocky with their news ratings too.

    Come on TV3 make Sunrise an asset!

    PS: Is it me or are some of those Captcha words impossible to read!