July 20 2008

This week on SUNDAY:

A Life At A Time

They are Fiji’s dark secret: children suffering. While New Zealanders escape winter at Fijian resorts, just down the road and out of sight, kids with a raft of congenital birth defects are sadly deprived. It seems there’s money for a military regime but not for simple surgical procedures which could put life right for these kids. But now New Zealand doctors have stepped into the breach and are working to better one little life at a time.

Potential For Disaster

Serious questions are raised after an experiment which found bomb components could be smuggled onto a plane. The colourless and odourless chemicals were carried through security in 100ml containers permitted by current regulations. Later the chemicals, primed with a detonator, ripped a three metre hole in the fuselage of a decommissioned plane – enough to bring down a jet in flight.

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