July 3 2008

This Week on 20/20: Thursday 3 July, 9.30pm


Mixed Martial Arts is a sport that’s on the rise, one where you can knock out your opponent using moves from across the spectrum of martial arts like Karate or Thai boxing, or face the pain of giving up in the ring. It’s big in America, where the men are making a name for taking the knocks, but here in New Zealand a Kiwi woman wants to set up a female international league. Critics call it human cockfighting – a sport that no one should take part in – let alone women. But as 20/20’s Sonya Wilson discovers, everyone from air hostesses to grandmothers is keen to give it a go.


Corey Gahan was once the fastest teen on skates, and with his proud Dad as his manager, believed he could take on the world’s best in in-line skating. But his Dad wasn’t prepared to just let his natural talent shine and from the age of 12 Corey began getting special injections from his father. He immediately got bigger, stronger, and faster than all the other boys – and eventually the truth came out. The injections were steroids, illegal in the sport, and as Corey tells 20/20, he was faced with having to dob in his own father.


It used to be that kids were obsessed with being famous, but now it’s enough to simply be the ones taking the photos. Two teenage boys are the latest to join the paparazzi rat pack, and at just 15 years old are being exposed to the nightlife and crazy antics of a raft of Hollywood stars. Their parents say it’s the best thing their kids have ever done, and a wonderful way to learn what the world’s about. But as 20/20 reveals it’s what their kids are learning that has some worried.


It was an attack that had the whole world talking, and reignited the debate about whether keeping wild animals in captivity is wrong. A 17-year-old boy was killed, and two others mauled, after a trip to the San Francisco Zoo turned deadly. The Zoo director resigned just last month, but many are now asking whether the attack was a wake-up call to anyone else keeping wild animals. As 20/20 discovers close contact between the species is increasingly turning to tragedy.


They’re something we’re all born with but most of us keep them under tight control. One woman, however is using hers to set a world record, and Lee Redmond isn’t afraid of the stares she attracts when she ventures outdoors. She’s grown her fingernails to a whopping 35 inches – and yes, 20/20 asks all the questions about how she functions in everyday life. This really is one story that has to be seen to be believed.

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