KUDOS to Antony Starr


Well OK and the writers!

Last Season they did it to me with Van (who, for a while I just could not see ever being happy again…)

Then last night it was Jethro’s turn, and just like Van it came out of the blue for me. Didn’t see it comin at all

I was even starting to like ol Jed (which in hindsight is a sure sign somethings about to hit)

Like him I was beyond excited he had got one over Wolf (who is an arogant P***K but still somehow likeable) and then WHAM!

I loved that Jethro didn’t sell Van out and even Wolf’s “You better get gone” was really an attempt to keep his family safe

Antony Starr – YOU ROCK!

Favourite Line

Van (to Jethro) I know I used to wish you dead, because you have been mean to me my whole life, but, its never been just me (or was it…just one of us)

This season is shaping up to be one of the best

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Hi I have always loved tv and am a avid watcher of all sorts of programmes. Take a read and let me know what you think!

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  • Tanz

    I’ve heard this is the last season of Outrageous Fortune – pls say it isn’t so! It’s my only must see programme!

  • ChchTVaddict

    I don’t think that has been decided yet

  • Matthew Rossi

    It better not be Tanz! That sounds like blasphaemy. It has the ability to go on for many years to come…

  • suze

    Sadly, the beloved show Outrageous Fortune has jumped the shark with this new series. The weird plot turns are descending into farce. The believability of the show and the characters used to be almost perfect. Becoming a soap, and not in a good way.

  • dragon72

    Unfortuately I agree with suze. New charactors are appearing every couple of weeks and the plots are becoming more and more far fetched. I think it’s time to finish so we’ll remember it as a great show as opposed to one which kept going forever but decined into rubbish.

  • reece_555

    yea Outrageous Fortune has become a victim of its own success and having a fourth season is almost unheard of in NZ scripted drama now, so the writers are straining to come up with new and decent stories also the writers probably have experience in writing for a soap (shortland street).
    Hopefully the show can improve or it will be shafted to a late slot and be cancelled ending on a low.

  • ChchTVaddict

    I disagree – sure some episodes arn’t as strong as others but I always find something to love about every show. LOL. This weeks “pearler” was

    VAN (to Munter) “Your brain’s more electrical and mine’s more watery so I should do the plumbing.”

  • suze

    True there are still gems in this series, ChchTVAddict. That line of Munter’s to Van was classic.
    I will keep watching OF out of loyalty, but hope it gets back some of the nuance that made it brilliant.
    Yep, getting a fourth season is a tribute to unusual success for a Kiwi TV drama, but maybe it’s good to go out on top.

  • suze

    Of course, that should have been ‘Van’s line’.

  • ChchTVaddict

    I agree Suze it is good to go out on top but because it has been so successful I feel its almost like people are LOOKING for things that arn’t as good. I guess the clasic kiwi “tall poppy” syndrome.

    Like you I’ll watch it out of loyalty and because I love it!

    That’ll be sweet eh?
    No it’ll be mint
    Well it should be good 😉