Saturday 5 July, 4pm

New Zealand’s very own superhero, Captain X, is back on TV2 with a new series of Amazing Extraordinary Friends. Having mastered the art of flying Captain X, and his lycra-clad friends, have many new villains to battle.

Ben Wilson was an average Kiwi teenager when he discovered a mysterious metal insignia at the bottom of a river, which changed his life forever. The power of the insignia transformed Ben into Captain Extraordinary – a superhero with impressive powers.
It turns out Ben’s mother, in a quest to give him a ‘normal’ life had neglected to mention Ben’s dad and granddad are also superheroes. With the help of his granddad, aka The Green Termite – who came out of retirement to help his grandson – and an array of friends, some with super powers and some without, Ben must battle evil and protect the city, all while still going to school and doing his homework.

Amazing Extraordinary Friends producer Matt McPhail says at the heart of the show is the story of a boy who is finding his way – both as a young man and as a superhero.

“Keeping the characters moving forward is a big challenge for the writers. It’s been great to see how Ben/Captain X is progressing as a character. He is taking giant leaps forward with his superpowers and has become the flying action hero that we all associate with superheroes.”

Series creator Stephen Campbell agrees. He says, “the series has solid scripts, great gags and the actors have started to live and breathe their characters. The cast has really risen to the challenge and the result is an exciting, professional adventure show that we think is punching above its weight amongst its target audience”.

Campbell explains that an important aspect of the show’s success was the developments in technology since the first series was made. “We have finally nailed the flying! In series two, Captain X is more confident with his superpowers and is taking greater control of his destiny. Integral to pulling this off was to ensure the quality of his flying matched his ongoing development. I think we’ve done a pretty good job with the clever use of a digital doll and computer imagery.”

McPhail laughs, adding that if the makers of the Superman movies ever need to create a flying scene on a budget, they should give Greenstone Pictures a call.

Captain X may be stronger, but he and his Amazing Extraordinary Friends are about to face their greatest challenge yet; an intergalactic alien army who will stop at nothing to find Captain X’s super insignia and destroy the planet. Have Captain X and his Amazing Extraordinary Friends got what it takes to defeat this powerful army or will the new age of super heroes come to a dramatic conclusion?

Be watching Amazing Extraordinary Friends – Saturday 5 July at 4pm.

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