NZ Premiere

Living Channel – Sunday’s from 27 July. 10.30pm

Want to know how KY Jelly and cold coffee can help you produce a work of art that looks like it has set you back a few hundred thousand pounds? John Myatt was an art school graduate who succeeded in forging famous artworks, and was eventually imprisoned for deception. His subsequent fame enabled him to open a legitimate ‘genuine fake’ business, and in this revealing new series he divulges the tricks of the trade and stylistic insights which enabled him to emulate iconic paintings from world-renowned artists. From a Monet landscape to a Modigliani nude, Myatt provides the theory and technique to set up their easels and capture the composition of a street scene by Hopper or the brushstrokes of a still life by Cezanne. And he passes on the tricks of the fake trade too – rubbing soil onto canvas replicates Braque’s finish, and coffee ages a painting by a century or more…

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