Should TVNZ be more careful about its sponsors?

State-broadcaster TVNZ, as well as TV3 get people to sponsor their news and weather bulletins. It’s a good money earner. However, it seems now yet another sponsor of its programming has gone under or is about to.

Capital And Merchant Finance (Capital+Merchant) went down in November of last year, owing about $200m to investors. That company sponsored some of TV1’s news bulletins.

Yesterday, Hanover Finance annnounced they were ‘freezing’ $554m of investor funds and not accepting any more investors. Along with that, the website was stripped down to a single page and they immediately withdrew there sponsorship of TV1’s weather programme.

Should TVNZ run sponsorship form finance companies, given the market conditions at the moment? Com Com said today that they are investigating Hanover for misleading advertising.

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  • MrCynical

    TVNZ didn’t sponsor them, they sponsored TVNZ. IT is no different from running an advert, in fact in some cases it is often cheaper to sponsor a program than run a series of ads during primetime.

  • Greg

    It’s very different from running an advert. A sponsorship denotes an association between the programme and the sponsor. An advert has no association to programmes except for the advertiser trying to capture as larger audience as possible by advertising within a show that has some synergy with their product.

  • MrCynical

    Which is exactly what sponsorship does. I spoke to the guy who arranged the capital merchant sponsorhsip of the news, and he was the one who told me how much cheaper it was and how they reached a wider audience than running actual adverts during primetime.