Statement from TVNZ regarding Tony Veitch (July 10 2008)

TVNZ has received numerous requests from media for answers to questions concerning Tony Veitch.

Some of these questions are completely appropriate and TVNZ has every intention of responding to legitimate enquiries as soon as this is possible.

Chief Executive Rick Ellis says TVNZ wants to be as open as it can be with New Zealanders but is also committed to conducting its employee relations in a fair and responsible way.

“As I have explained, there are complex employment and privacy aspects to this situation that restrict what can be said publicly. I would ask for the public’s patience while we go through our processes in a proper way.”

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  • PurpleTentacle

    Lol, Tui’s advertising agency doesn’t waste time…

    Here's 100 grand.  Keep it quiet.  Yeah right.

  • Tui

    Good on TVNZ for releasing that.
    Lol Tui! That was fast..