Stolen Gold

Documentary – Sunday 27 July, 9.00pm

Not every race is clear-cut. Not every loser deserved to lose. STOLEN GOLD is about Olympic gold medalists who should have won, but didn’t. From the unknown marathon runner at the 1908 London Olympics, who missed out on the gold because the Queen wanted a better view of the finish, to Mary Decker’s shock fall at the 1984 Los Angeles games. STOLEN GOLD reveals extraordinary tales of controversy and dispute – each as memorable and emotional as a great Olympic triumph, The Olympian ideal, famously pronounced by Baron de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympics, states that it is the ‘taking part’ and not the winning that should be most cherished. But when the greatest athletes in the world come together every four years, the unique status of the Olympic Games guarantees that it is the victory, and only victory that really matters. Yet, for every winner, there are inevitably many losers and, for some, the taste of defeat is even more bitter – especially when victory is within their grasp and then snatched away. STOLEN GOLD tells the heartbreaking stories of the athletes who, by way of gross injustice or tragic misfortune, saw the ultimate sporting accolade slip through their fingers. Using key archive footage and, where possible, eye witness accounts, this documentary reveals just how thin the line is between sporting immortality and shattered dreams at the world’s greatest sporting event.

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