Dream Homes premieres 9:30pm, September 15 2008

We all dream of building our own unique home. In this fascinating new series, interior designer Oliver Heath meets the people who are doing more than just dreaming – they’re getting on with it!

The series looks at what inspired home owners to build their dream property. For some, it’s the work of legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright; for others the contemporary style of Frank Gehry (all steel and glass).

Oliver Heath surprises each couple by producing air tickets to the place that has inspired them most. No need to rely on magazine pictures – these home builders are going to see for themselves. So, as their homes emerge from virgin sites, our developers fly off to see some of the most spectacular houses in the world and meet their owners and architects.

This exotic touch combined with the successes and failures of their own project back home, makes Dream Homes a ‘must see’ series.

NZ Open Home returns with new episodes at 9:30pm September 29 2008

Buying a house is one of the ten most stressful things you can do, and for most of us, it is the most expensive!

Join April Ieremia for this brand new series that makes the experience of buying, renting and selling real estate as straightforward as possible.

With the latest tips and the best advice, you’ll get a thorough look at the current New Zealand property market.

The hottest properties will be put under the microscope, with details of the property, a price indication and even what time to go to the open home. Scanning the property pages in the newspaper will never be the same again!

Get a life! premieres 9:30pm September 2 2008

Janella Purcell is a qualified naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and iridologist. She’s also a vivacious and entertaining chef with a passion for wholesome and healthy eating.

In this series, she uses her amazing knowledge to show how to get even the unhealthiest people healthy.

Topics covered include overcoming infertility, de-toxifying your life, natural remedies, age-related lifestyle issues, losing weight naturally and the hidden chemicals and toxins that are doing us the greatest harm.

Digging for Victor premieres 5pm September 13 2008

One of Britain’s most enthusiastic gardeners, Chris Collins together with expert judge Hannah Genders, lead viewers on a tour of nine of Britain’s best allotment sites.

Using strict assessment criteria Chris and Hannah decide which of these outstanding gardening projects deserves a prize to the value of £2,000. In the final episode the winner is revealed in an exciting top-three countdown.

Footage of the months of preparation that have led to this moment is interspersed with the hosts’ tour of the featured site, and plenty of tips to inspire viewers to transform their own gardens.

A place by the sea returns with all new episodes from 6pm September 27 2008

Join Seetha Hallett, as she searches for dream homes for the growing number of people looking to relocate or buy a holiday home along Britain’s stunning coastline.

Discover why the British coastline has now become one of the UK’s property hotspots and watch the house hunters as they look to start a new chapter in their lives. As each episode explores a different part of the coast, we will hear the honest, often brutal opinions of the properties the home hunters are shown.

Will they end up finding their dream place by the sea?

A place in the sun – returns with all new episodes from 6:30pm September 7 2008

In this brand new series of A Place in the Sun – Home or Away house hunters must decide if they would like to buy a property in the UK or abroad.

A UK property expert shows them three properties in different areas of one county at home, and then the house hunters go abroad and meet a foreign expert who takes them to see three properties in the country of their choice.

Since there are no estate agents showing them around, the house hunters can tell the experts exactly what they think of each property and receive the benefit of their objectivity and knowledge of each house. After sampling the different lifestyles and weighing up the pros and cons of both locations they are asked to choose between home or away.

Selling Houses Australia premieres 7:30pm September 14 2008

No-nonsense property expert Andrew Winter helps Australian homeowners who are struggling to sell their home. He’ll show Aussies how to maximise their profits and achieve a quick sale on life’s biggest investment.

Whether it is how to market the property for maximum impact, or design hints to add value, Selling Houses Australia has all the answers.

To the Manor Bowen premieres 8:30pm September 14 2008

Flamboyant design guru Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (Changing Rooms) and his family have swapped their lavish London lifestyle for a calmer countryside existence. With a complete makeover in mind for their new historic home, the charismatic clan descend upon their new sleepy village of Poshington, and make their presence known.

As stunned neighbours look on, Laurence releases his torrent of ideas on the dark, forgotten 17th Century manor. As he is up to his elbows in big bleeding chunks of design, it’s down to the rest of his family to attempt to assimilate into village life.

Will the move prove to be seamless, or will the reality of owning such a unique piece of real estate away from the hustle and bustle of the city turn out to be a step too far for Laurence?

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