Top TV Picks: July 22-28

Television critic Philip Wakefield from Stuff chooses the 10 best shows on the box this week, for Tuesday, July 22 to Monday, July 28.

1. Monarchy: Premiere of a princely reality series about how the world’s “oldest family firm” earns its pay. In the first episode, Her Majesty endures an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot and George Bush getting her age wrong.
Prime, 8.30pm Friday.

2. Fanny Hill: Bleak House’s Hugo Speer and Coronation Street’s Emma Stansfield (Ronnie) star in this two-hour dramatisation of the 18th-century novel about a prostitute who seduces high society. Judged The Independent: “Andrew Davies’ adaptation of Fanny Hill wasn’t television at its best, or even Andrew Davies at his best, yet nobody else could have done the job half as well.”
TV One, 8.30pm Sunday.

3. The Jaquie Brown Diaries: The TV3 journalist gets her own show – as a journalist named Jacquie Brown who’s on the celebrity beat.
TV3, 9.30pm Friday.

4. The Librarians: Check out this new high-definition Australian comedy about the kind of librarians you want to throw the book at. The Sydney Morning Herald reckons it “has the potential to grow into a classic”.
TV3, 10pm Friday.

5. Inside New Zealand: Sperm Wars: Documentary about fertility rights and wrongs that reminds one of Cosmo Kramer’s take on boxers versus briefs: “I need the secure packaging of Jockeys. My boys need a house!”
TV3, 9.30pm Thursday.

6. Real Life: Superhuman: Giants: British documentary about those who stand head and shoulders above the rest of us.
TV One, 9.30pm Wednesday.

7. Waking the Dead: The original cold case drama that TV One’s disowned for the glossy American version has resurfaced for double-episode instalments of its seventh season on UK TV. That’s good news for fans as it means the series now screens only a few months after its BBC broadcast.
UK TV, 8.30pm Monday.

8. Stolen Gold: Premiere of a documentary about athletes whose Olympic Games wins were tarnished.
Documentary Channel, 9pm Sunday.

9. Mythbusters: MacGyver Special: Nifty stunt programming double-bills this debunking (and, in some cases, validation) of the resourceful hero’s ingenuity with the Holy Grail adventure that opened MacGyver’s fifth season 19 years ago.
Prime, 8.35pm Saturday.

10. The Late Show With David Letterman: Guests include Rosie Perez (Tuesday), Will Ferrell (Monday), Amanda Peet (Tuesday), John C Reilly (Wednesday), David Duchovny (Thursday) and Nathan Lane (Friday).
Prime, post-11pm weeknights.

I added my own opinion for amusement. You can check out the full article on Stuff

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