TV One announces NZ version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The first New Zealand version of the globally popular quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is coming soon to TV ONE.

TVNZ is calling for contestants from around New Zealand to be on the show.

Those selected will be flown to the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? studios in Melbourne where the series will be recorded in front of a Kiwi audience and fronted by a New Zealand host (yet to be announced).

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“TVNZ is thrilled and proud to bring Kiwi viewers the first New Zealand version of this phenomenally popular show,” says Andrew Shaw, TVNZ General Manager of Commissioning, Production & Acquisition.

“The opportunity to share the studio, set, lighting, computer system and production expertise of Channel 9 makes this New Zealand version possible,” says Shaw.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is the multi-award winning quiz format created by 2waytraffic. The show launched in the UK where it quickly became a ratings phenomenon. Since then the format has been licensed or optioned to every major territory in the world.

The format has unparalleled play-a-long-at-home appeal, with viewers either on the edge of their seats or with their head in their hands, hanging on to the contestant’s every answer.

To apply, go to and take the test.

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About the author

  • Rachel


    Please can they have a different host than Jason Gunn or Dominic Bowden for this one? Someone older I think would be good.

  • bobscoffee

    could this start a trend where we increasingly see nz versions of shows being held over in australia to save money by making use of their set?

    i guess at least we can’t complain that our set is so budget this time can we? i’m assuming they’ll be using an aussie production crew too?

  • MrCynical

    It will be a male and it will be an established presenter.

  • ell

    so are we picking gunn, barnett or bowden to host this?

  • monreve

    i reckon they will go with a former TV news host or an actor —- there’s plenty around needing work

  • bobscoffee

    a male is probably guaranteed, i can’t really see dom or jason hosting it

  • nanisnap

    How are they going to film in front of a Kiwi audience if it’s being filmed in Melbourne?

  • Rachel

    As of 30 June 2006, an estimated 477,000 New Zealand citizens living in Australia and Melbourne has about 17% of Australia’s population so a rough estimate would be about 85,000 Kiwis in Melbourne… plenty for an audience 😀

  • Michael C

    Tom Bradley would be good???

  • ell

    tom bradley would be good. needs someone like that. Someone with authority but can have a laugh too. Peter Williams?

  • Miss Bus


  • bobscoffee

    yes most likely miss bus and why would they want to put it on at 6am if they’re spending all that money flying contestants over to melbourne? i’m glad though that they’ve retained the $1 million prize, and haven’t dropped it down to nz levels of $50 000 or $100 000, but I suppose they don’t expect anyone to win $1 million anyway

  • ell

    Host auditions were held in this past week. Mike Hosking was among those invited to audition, but didn’t.

  • jwil1

    I reckon Peter Williams, Paul Henry, Simon Dallow or even Richard Long would make good hosts.

  • Rachel

    Thanks ell. Paul Henry and Richard Long are great suggestions – could Paul do that along with Breakfast though?

  • ChchTVaddict

    Richard Long would be fantastic! How about John Hawkesby? I’d even like Simon Dallow but this isn’t very likely given One News

  • Hi all,

    I’d quite like to host it. If you don’t ask etc. etc.

    Obviously everything to gain!

    I’m the hero in the clip and don’t even get to speak!