Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 31 August, 10.30pm

With more than 24,000 kilometres ahead of them on their upcoming three month trip, Ewan, Charley and the team have much to do. To prepare for travelling through a few dangerous areas, Ewan and Charley spend an afternoon practising how to deal with a hostage situation and difficult border interactions. Meanwhile, Ewan’s wife Eve has asked to ride with Ewan and Charley for part of the trip. Ewan is enthusiastic about having her meet them, but Charley has reservations – worrying about her ability to handle riding on tough terrain when she has never ridden a motorcycle before. Before the adventure has even begun, Ewan has a bad fall off his motorcycle in London, breaking his leg. With the departure date just days away, the team still does not have visas for the second African country on the trip: Libya. Heading to Scotland to start their journey, the team gets off to a rocky start – Libyan visas have still not come through for the Americans on the team, Charley’s wife has come down with pneumonia and Charley gets detained at the airport. The team hopes this is not an ominous foreshadow to the rest of the trip.

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