Jamie's Eat To Save Your Life

Tuesday 2 September, 8.30pm

The Big Food Fight: Jamie’s Eat To Save Your Life sees Jamie Oliver investigating what people eat and the effects unhealthy eating has on the human body (tonight at 8.30pm on TV ONE).

It’s a known fact that what people eat has an impact on their health, but do people really know how far-reaching those effects are? Taking viewers on a journey of the human body, inside and out, with some of the best specialists in the world, Oliver hopes this programme will help people reform their eating habits.
He says while making Jamie’s School Dinners, he was told the current generation of kids would live a shorter life than their parents, mainly because of what they eat. “It’s clear many of us, overweight or not, are in danger of killing ourselves through our diets, and we don’t even know what we’re doing wrong or how to fix it.

“This is a programme about the science of what food actually does to our insides. I’m going to be following the journey of food from fork to the corpse. Some parts of this programme really will be gross, but stick with it because this programme could change the way you live your life.”

Following the life cycle of junk food as it churns its way through the British body: from the birth of a hamburger to the death of a fast-food addict, Jamie’s Eat To Save Your Life shows viewers every detail about the crippling effect of the bad food.

Uniquely, the studio audience aren’t just spectators – they are active participants who are poked, prodded and analysed by the team of experts. With history of crimes against nutrition – from the pizza lovers to the chocolate-eaters, the pot-bellied beer lovers to the Diet Coke addicts – each member of the audience has a case to answer and a need to be persuaded of the error of their ways. They will be judge, jury and accused, and one thing is certain: they will be left in no doubt at the end about the risk they’re taking with their health every mealtime.

Watch The Big Food Fight: Jamie’s Eat To Save Your Life to see Oliver and a team of experts examine what people eat today and the consequences of unhealthy eating.

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