Listings temporarily unavailable

What is up with the Sky TV on-screen programme guide? Being a technophobe, perhaps someone out there can explain to me why, often when I hit the “G” button to go into the programme guide, I either get blank listings or ‘listings temporarily unavailable’? Yet if I then go to a channel, the small banner at the foot of the screen has the programme information displayed? I don’t get it? It is so frustrating. Is there some way to fix this?

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  • JoeStar

    The listings are never just temporarily unavailable – more like they are always unavailable! Furthermore it is especially annoying that very, very often the listings dont stay available for more than a few days ahead. What use is a sky-box (I am part of the majority who do not have MySky) when one is to go away for a week and cant record any of Sky’s programming for more than 2 days.. ?

    All this talk about TVNZ’s bad Olympic coverage is probably deserved, but I shudder to think what a company like Sky will do in 2012. They will probably have a couple of delayed events free-to-air and make everyone pay an extra subscription to see NZ win gold medals.

    Sky’s monopoly sucks!!

  • tvnewser

    I don’t really think they Olympics will be affected by a bad EPG…

    But I agree, Sky’s EPG is forever stuffing up!

  • tvaddict

    Turn your box off at the wall, wait about 30 secs and turn it back on again – fixes it for me 🙂

  • Paul James

    Why can’t they use the programme guide a little more intelegently, it seems to update all the time – why don’t they put the name of the song and the artisit when they play tunes on the music channels….sometimes i miss the artist and would love to know.