Monday 15 September

THE LIVING CHANNEL – Monday 15 September, 9.30pm

We all dream of building our own unique home. In this fascinating new series, interior designer Oliver Heath meets the people who are doing more than just dreaming – they’re getting on with it! The series looks at what inspired home owners to build their dream property. For some, it’s the work of legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright; for others the contemporary style of Frank Gehry (all steel and glass). Oliver Heath surprises each couple by producing air tickets to the place that has inspired them most. No need to rely on magazine pictures – these home builders are going to see for themselves. So, as their homes emerge from virgin sites, our developers fly off to see some of the most spectacular houses in the world and meet their owners and architects. This exotic touch combined with the successes and failures of their own project back home, makes Dream Homes a ‘must see’ series.

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