Peter Williams is doing a great job

Just want to say how impressed I am with Peter Williams presenting the Olympics coverage in Beijing.

Last night when Mahe Drysdale was in such a bad way after his race, Peter Williams was obviously moved and sensitive in the way he commentated, especially when he said something like there’s no need for me to commentate on what Mahe is doing right now.

At that moment I thought, I’m *so* glad it wasn’t Tony Veitch presenting the Olympics to us.

Thanks Peter Williams for doing such a great job!

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  • Gavin J

    Yes totally agree with you. Peter is doing a fantastic job. His extensive knowledge and large experience definitely come through on the Olympics broadcasts. Tony Veitch was good at reading the news but I don’t think he would have been as good as Peter at presenting the coverage.

  • ell

    Agreed. Peter is the consummate professional.

    He handled the Mahe situation with such a sensitive manner. It’s a shame he (probably) won’t be involved in 2012.

  • Tui

    Agreed. I’ve really enjoyed his commentary/hosting of the games.

  • Steven Parker

    good to see some recognition to peter – he’s been great in my opinion.

    speaking of the olympics, help one of our deserving athletes win a car by voting for them as NZ’s favourite athlete at

    Go Hayden Roulston!!!!!!

  • MrCynical

    Why exactly are they deserving of getting a free car?

  • LisaS


    Don’t equate sporting success with financial success – very few of these athletes are well-paid. Although the elite do get funding, it certainly isn’t lavish.

    Don’t equate these guys with highly paid All Blacks, who are automatically supplied free cars along with overwhelming support and recognition.

    Mahe Drysdale has said he wouldn’t have been able to row competitively if it wasn’t for his family supporting him financially. Dean Kent has just a few thousand in savings after years of swimming. Most have to hold down other jobs as well as train day in day out.

    Why are they deserving? Because they’ve busted their asses for four years to get there, and have shown more drive and determination than most will ever achieve.

  • Shortland Sleuth

    I’m another fan of Peter Williams. He’s very polished and professional. But then, he has been around in broadcasting for a good 20-30 years, so he certainly has lots of experience. Geoff Bryan isn’t too shabby either though.

    I can’t stand Tony Veitch, and it’s nothing to do with the recent revelations about the partner-bashing. I’ve never liked him. He’s just too loud and brash for my taste, and I think if he’d been doing the Olympics coverage, it would have been overhyped all the way.

    So well done to both Peter Williams and Geoff Bryan, and keep up the great work!