Rome to Tobruk

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 7 September, 10.30pm

In Rome, Charley and Ewan battle traffic before heading down the winding roads of Sorrento and along the Amalfi Coast. Tensions are high on the ferry ride from Sicily to Tunisia, as voices are raised over safety concerns and Charley’s dangerous bike stunts. The whole group is edgy, making for a shaky beginning to the African adventure. However, the long boat ride helps the team work out some of their differences, and everyone is excited about the first leg of their trip through Africa. Leaving the customs office four bottles of vodka lighter, the group is ready to head through Tunisia and pay a visit to the original Star Wars set. Taking in the beautiful landscapes and the ancient Roman ruins of Leptis Magna, the boys begin to settle into their journey. Riding across the coastal roads of Libya, a sudden change in weather slows their progress to a halt. Putting up camp for the evening, the winds pick up and trouble looms as their first Libyan sand storm approaches. The next day, Charley and Ewan travel well into the night to reach Tobruk, Libya, spending more than 13 hours on the bike – barely able to see from the darkness and sand. Physically drained, they finally arrive in Tobruk.

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