Scotland to Italy

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 31 August, 11.30pm

Making their way from John O’Groats at the top of Scotland, Ewan and Charley begin their epic adventure, riding through the Scottish Highlands. Ewan’s dad and brother join up with the duo for the first part of the trip and all four stop at Ewan’s parents’ house for a dinner to see them off. On the way out of Scotland, Ewan and Charley stop off at Robin House – a children’s hospice – to visit the children, their families and staff. After a miserable ride to London, the team push on to France where they continue with bad luck: facing wind and rain on top of a long day’s ride. Despite arduous weather conditions, the team must stay on a very strict schedule in order to make the ferry from Sicily to Tunisia. Arriving in Italy, Ewan and Charley camp out by Lake Como, breaking bread with a biking couple who share their own stories of motorcycling through Africa. Reaching Siena, they come across a classic car festival, and the boys are in their element.

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