Sunday 21 September

Sunday 21 September, 9.00pm

Hosted by Ross Liew, Warren Maxwell from Little Bushmen and actor/performer Gabe McDonnell, series two of underground arts show The Gravy returns to TVNZ Showcase on TVNZ 6 this Sunday at 9.00pm.

The Gravy is a hot, contemporary culture show made especially for TVNZ Showcase.
In the first episode of series two, viewers meet musician and The Gravy presenter, Warren Maxwell. Warren will introduce himself, his family, his band, and the three-day musical festival Parihaka.

Warren, or “big shiny star” as his band mates call him, is one of the most well-respected musicians currently working in New Zealand. Warren has performed with celebrated New Zealand bands such as Southside of Bombay and Trinity Roots. His latest project – Little Bushmen – are a critically acclaimed rock band. Since their formation in 2006 they have been gaining respect and audiences all over New Zealand.

Viewers will also meet the other band members: Rick Cranson, and Joe and Tom Callwood, and will learn that rock and roll isn’t quite as hard-core as you think. The team travel to Parihaka, the Pa site in Taranaki (home to the music festival of the same name) and learn the history of the place and the people.

In the second story of episode one, viewers will meet another performer – the indomitable Lisa Tomlins. Lisa has recorded and performed with scores of great New Zealand musicians including Hollie Smith, Rhombus, Twinset, Barnaby Weir, Jonathan Crayford, Recloose, and Trinity Roots to name but a few.

The Gravy heads out to Lisa’s stomping ground – The Hutt Valley, and learns about Lisa’s other great passion – pole dancing. What started as a way to build up a bit of fitness, and a bit of a laugh, has now turned into a full-blown love affair as Lisa now teaches pole dancing and shows viewers a few of her moves.

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