Sunday 7 September

Sunday 7 September, 5.30pm

in beTWEEN is a new local issues-based series for tweens presented by Julia Wright and Jeremy Hollis in front of a live studio audience. The show deals with all the hard stuff that tweens want to know about but don’t know who to ask.

Topics include dating, bullying, sport, sex, friends, music, and parents. in beTWEEN questions tweens about their feelings and knowledge on the topics and also includes interviews with well-known Kiwis such as Temepara George, Anna Fitzpatrick, Carena West and Junior from Nesian Mystic, Hayley Holt and Lani Purkis from Elemeno P.
This time on in beTWEEN, it’s all about friends. Julia and Jeremy give you some tips on how to buddy up and teen star from Shortland Street Kimberley Crossman and her bestie Stephanie tell us how they’ve made their friendship last.

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