Tobruk To Khartoum

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 14 September, 10.30pm

Stopping at the Tobruk War Cemetery, Ewan and Charley press on with their journey. Arriving safely in Egypt, the team reunites with the two Americans from the trip who were unable to make the journey into Libya. With the deadline of catching the weekly ferry from Egypt to the Sudan rapidly approaching, the hard rides are taking its toll. The boys have just enough time to stop for lunch in Alexandria before heading straight to Cairo. Spirits are lifted as Charley and Ewan take an incredible ride by the pyramids. After a private tour of the pyramid of Khufu, the team receives an armed escort for the last three hours to Luxor – travelling through countless checkpoints. Taking a detour from the trip, Ewan and Charley fly down to Kenya to visit Riders for Health – a charity which helps using local health practitioners get around to patients using bikes. Heading back to Egypt, the boys catch the ferry to cross the border into Sudan and their first day biking on the sand in Sudan. With nothing but tough roads and 44 degree Celsius heat, it looks like another long trek for the team, and Ewan has his first fall of the trip.

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