22 - 26 September

Weeknights at 7pm

Since agreeing to help local gang The Whitetails launder money through his bar, Shortland Street businessman Kieran Mitchell (Adam Rickitt) has found himself awash with cash, and it’s not all its cracked up to be.

Despite having tiptoed on the edge the law for a long time, Kieran is essentially a decent guy. However, his recent association with the dangerous Whitetails has tested his morals on more than one occasion.

“Kieran is like the old school mafia” says Rickitt. “He has a really strong idea of what is morally right, so he won’t take advantage of those weaker than him. At the same time he’s always looking for new ways to make money. It’s just unfortunate that he’s got into bed (so to speak) with this crowd. Kieran likes to be in control, and the Whitetails are taking that from him. That’s where the problem lies. Most sensible people would just bail, but because they have challenged him and he sees them as bullies, he wants to take them on and beat them at their own game.”

Like any good businessman, Kieran has a plan. By investing in a second bar, he has the means to launder the extra money the Whitetails give him, while at the same time expanding his empire.

Social climbing girlfriend Libby Jeffries is only too pleased to help. Convinced that Kieran’s plans to expand the business are a sign of success, she backs Kieran 100 per cent – unaware that she’s encouraging him further into debt and legal strife.

Like his on screen alter-ego, Adam Rickitt also knows a thing or two about money, though he’s coy to admit it.

“I guess I have learnt a lot through trial and error,” says Rickitt. “I’m lucky enough to have been earning pretty good money from a young age. There was a period when I was younger and I’d just got my role on Coro when I had more money then I knew what to do with. Of course I behaved like a teenager and frittered it away on things like fast cars and other stupid stuff. Now I’m far more practical (although I still go for the cars!). I think about what I’m investing in and try and think long term. I’ve spent the last year doing up my house out West, and now it’s on the market and I want to do it all over again somewhere new. As an actor you always have to keep an eye on things as the dole queue could always be just a phone call away…. not yet though, touch wood!”

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