Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games

Saturday 13 September, from 3.25pm

ONE Sport brings viewers the second week of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, with coverage of Kiwi Paralympic athletes in action. New Zealand Paralympians have a proud record at these events, considered the world’s second biggest sporting occasion behind the Olympics.

Kiwis are represented by 30 athletes in Swimming; Athletics; Boccia; Shooting; Cycling; Powerlifting; and Wheelchair Rugby, many of whom will be defending gold medals won in Athens, including the wheelchair rugby team, the Wheelblacks.
Paralympics New Zealand chief executive Fiona Allan says the Kiwi athletes are the best prepared Paralympic team that New Zealand have ever sent to the games, and will be looking at achieving 13 medals across the 7 competing sports.

“Kiwi viewers should look out for some fantastic action in Beijing. Athens medallists include Michael Johnson in Shooting, Matt Slade and Tim Prendergast on the track, Daniel Sharp in the pool, and the Boccia and Wheelblacks team,” she says.

Boccia, a traditional recreational sport dating back to the ancient Greeks, was introduced as a full medal sport in the Los Angeles Games in 1984. It is open to athletes with severe cerebral palsy or related neurological conditions using a wheelchair. Played indoors on a flat, smooth surface – usually wooden – Boccia is a test of muscle control and accuracy, requiring high focus and concentration. The goal of the sport is to throw/bowl game balls so they land as close as possible to a special target ball, the ‘jack’.

TV ONE’s coverage of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games will include:

Saturday 13 September, 1525 to 1625 and 2240 to 2340: Geoff Bryan presents Day Six of the Paralympic Games, featuring Kiwis in action in Athletics; Cycling; Boccia; and Wheelchair Rugby.

Sunday 14 September, 1330 to1430 and 2320 to 0020: Geoff Bryan presents Day Seven of the Paralympic Games, with New Zealanders competing in Wheelchair Rugby; Cycling; Athletes; and Swimming.

Monday 15 September, 2300 to 0000: Geoff Bryan presents action from Day Eight of the 2008 Paralympic Games, including New Zealanders competing in Athletics; Wheelchair Rugby; Swimming; and Cycling.

Tuesday 16 September, 2305 to 0005: Geoff Bryan presents coverage of Day Nine of the Paralympic Games, featuring New Zealanders in Swimming; Athletics; and Wheelchair Rugby.

Tuesday 16 September, 0005 to 2000: Paralympic Rugby Wheelchair Final. Please note: This will only play if the Wheelblacks qualify for the final.

Wednesday 17 September, 2305 to 0150: Geoff Bryan presents coverage of Day Ten of the Paralympic Games including New Zealanders competing in Athletics; Power Lifting; and Wheelchair Rugby.

Thursday 18 September, 2305 to 0005: Geoff Bryan presents the final day of the Paralympic Games from Beijing in China, featuring the Closing Ceremony.

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