Final episode: October 8 2008

Alex is 24 hours from the event that changed her life – the murder of her parents in a car bomb. She believes that if she can save her parents, she will get home to her daughter in 2008. Her childhood memories of the day are vague, so, armed with that information, she makes her parents’ death into a ‘case’ – a crime that hasn’t happened.

Ray is horrified when Alex chooses him to help her with her crazy mission. She destroys the blue Ford she thinks was the car her parents died in and starts to believe she is in control of her destiny. Ray thinks she’s finally lost it.

Meanwhile, Gene is in hell; Lord Scarman is due to visit the station. Gene will stop at nothing to give a good impression, right down to releasing all the prisoners and locking up Chris so that he can give the station a good review.

The station is in chaos following a Gay Pride demo and, to make matters worse, Alex turns up with Tim and Caroline Price, having arrested them for possession of drugs.

After they spend a night in the cells, Gene lets Alex’s parents go. When Alex finds out that Arthur Layton has been released from prison, she knows there’s no time to waste if she’s going to stop the impending tragedy.

As Alex and Gene race to where the bomb is set to go off, it seems everything’s in place as it was 27 years ago. But will Alex’s efforts have been enough to save her parents and get her back to 2008?

ASHES TO ASHES, Wednesday 8th October 9.30pm

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