Into Kenya

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 28 September, 11:30pm

Over the Kenyan border, the boys find themselves stuck in bandit country after a mechanical issue with one of the bikes. With nowhere else to go, Ewan and Charley must set up camp alongside a road on which they have been warned not to stop. Well aware of the dangerous surroundings, the boys settle in for a long night. The next day, Ewan and Charley are emotionally hit during a visit at a local primary school – site of a horrific massacre in 2005. Riding on, Ewan struggles with his motorcycle, finding the particularly tough terrain to be incredibly challenging. Arriving at their lodge, the boys are welcomed to camp by the site of elephants grazing off in the distance: the first big game sighting for the group. Visiting Losai National Park, Charley and Ewan meet Sanburu tribesmen who are preparing for the circumcision ritual of the teenage sons – Charley and Ewan wince at the thought! Traversing over soft sand as they continue across Kenya, the boys are barely able to stay upright. Finding themselves face-to-face with extensive muddy water, the team must get the bikes and cars through or turn back and find another way.

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