Kenya to Rwanda

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 05 October, 10:30pm

Struggling for hours, the boys are finally able to move the bikes and support vehicles across the muddy river. Riding to Naivasha, Charley and Ewan meet up with Charley’s old friends who give them an unforgettable plane ride over Kenya. Travelling next to Uganda, the boys stop at a local coffee factory before venturing into Northern Uganda. Far too dangerous for them to ride, the boys take a short flight to visit another UNICEF site where they meet former child soldiers. The stories are heartbreaking and Charley and Ewan are overwhelmed. Hitting the road, Charley feels settled and confident in his riding, entertaining locals with his bike stunts. Arriving at the wrong border, the group scramble to meet their fixer at the right Rwandan border to make it across before it closes. But, the route is blocked, as a truck has overturned. With the clock ticking, the bikes ride ahead and make it through just before nightfall. Now in Rwanda, Ewan is anxious to see the changes to a country that was torn apart by genocide 13 years ago. Venturing into the Rwandan mountains, Ewan and Charley encounter a family of gorillas, overjoyed at seeing these magnificent animals up close.

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