Kigali To Malawi

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Saturday 12 October 10:30pm

A coffee house chat leads to an incredible opportunity after Ewan and Charley meet Rwanda’s Minister of Tourism. She kindly invites them to her brother’s wedding – which the boys crash – and in the process they meet the President of Rwanda. The President requests a visit the next day, and the boys go on a frantic search for proper suits, leading to some questionable design choices. With mixed emotions, the team meet President Kagame, who shares his story as a Rwandan refugee in Uganda, and his efforts to help Rwanda restore itself after genocide. Reaching the Tanzanian border, the group prepares for its next border crossing when team medic Dai realises his passport is missing. After several hours of searching, the boys are about to turn back when Dai finds it – in his other trousers. Taking a well-earned day off, the boys stop at Katavi National Park and are blown away by the park’s beauty. Finally reaching the Tanzania/Malawi border, Ewan and his wife Eve are reunited after several months apart. After plenty of hugs, they jump on their bikes and ride off onto the roads of Malawi, but Eve hits problems with the sand, taking multiple tumbles.

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