Peter Williams to read weekend news

TVNZ front man Peter Williams, fresh from a successful stint presenting the Beijing Olympics, will be joining Bernadine Oliver- Kerby as the news reading duo for ONE News at weekends.

The new arrangement begins this weekend.

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby has been an established and highly popular sole presenter of the weekend bulletins for some years.

However TVNZ Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery, says he’s opted for a double-reader format to get consistency right across the week.

“Bernadine and Peter are both exceptional talents, and impressive performers either in the studio or out in the field. With the two of them, we are able to duplicate the option we have on weeknights where one hosts the News from the studio, and the other presents a breaking story from the scene,” Flannery says.

“News doesn’t stop at the weekend so we want a fully-resourced team of top newsreaders then, as well as during the week.”

Peter will continue presenting Breakfast News Monday to Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday Breakfast bulletins will be presented by Alison Mau.

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  • jwil1


    Peter is someone who somehow suits 6pm news better than Breakfast news.

  • bobscoffee

    “news doesn’t stop at the weekend” – hopefully he realises that news doesn’t stop during the holidays as well

  • Gavin J

    I am stoked at this – I think it is what the One News weekend bulletins needed – an extra presenter and I am also quite a fan of Peter Williams.

    I wonder if this has anything to do with wanting to include the popular Ali Mau in the permanent line-up or they were actually looking for a two-presenter format in the weekend.

  • Gavin J

    It confuses me that all that Flannery sees is presenters being able to preset from the field – how often does this happen? – about 4 times a year on average I would say. Not much faith in his reporting team…

  • Looby lou

    Both Bernadine and Peter are my favourite presenters, so I consider this a perfect pairing.

  • Tui

    Awesome! Great arrangement 😀

  • Gavin J

    Have they filled in together before?

  • DanielM

    Fantastic, the dual presenter format is something that the weekend One News really needed. I prefer the presentation of One News a lot more than 3, yet on the weekends you got the impression that they were rather lonely.

    And Peter Williams is a great news presenter! It will be great to see him permanently at the 6pm position, even if it is just on the weekends.

  • JacobB

    Excellent! Although personally, I would like to see Peter and Wendy on weekends and Simon and Bernie on weeknights.

  • shorek

    yea i agree with u Jacob, wendy/peter – weekend and simon/bernie – weeknights

  • Gavin J

    Yes – Simon and Bernie just seem to ‘click’

  • someone

    Oh great show on the first day, I switched over to TV3 when the weather came along, there show is one hour long, strange sports set up they like a “diarrhea sports reporting”

  • someone

    whoops spoke to soon, now TV3 has got “Entertainment tonight” on at 6:30am, oh well I will watch Frost on Triangle.

    I wish the people who put the TV program together would get it right, I went to watch “mayday” on Prime last week and there was sport, what is the bl**dy point of buying a TV guide? it is just a waste of money

  • Gavin J

    When do they have Entertainment Tonight at 6:30am??

  • someone

    no Gavin J

    Entertainment Tonight is on TV3 at 6:30pm (Saturday).
    Could of been ETW – (Entertainment Thats Weak).
    Not sure what TV1 has between 6:30pm & 7pm

    Anyway I got a good run out of Triangle from 6:30pm to &:30pm, I would recommend it to anyone

  • Gavin J

    Do you mean the actual programme Entertainment tonight or just a segment on entertainment in the news?

  • someone

    I dont know.
    I am getting zero tolerance on crap, so I try out another program.
    Then I come here and