Chef Jenny Bristow is back with an all new cookery series. Rich with culture, history and delicious recipes, Jenny Bristow USA is an exploration of the relationship between traditional American culture and classic cuisine. From Thanksgiving Day feasts to Halloween favourites, Jenny embraces an array of produce that define America’s celebratory passion for food. From pumpkin to pecan, to cranberry pear pies, egg nog to honeyed mascarpone, Jenny Bristow USA captures the true essence of these festive recipes and ingredients, combining her own healthy twist. Find new inspiration for Christmas dinner favourites, from turkey to cornmeal stuffing to succotash, or indulge in sweeter fare from puddings packed with cranberries, blueberries and a hint of bourbon to Fruit and Nut Snickerdoodles. A true buffet of culture and inspiration, Jenny Bristow USA is a feast not to be missed!

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