Sudan to Ethiopia

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Sunday 21 September, 10:30pm

Motorcycling through Sudan, Ewan and Charley contrast the Sudan discussed in the news to the country they have seen firsthand. Preparing to leave, the local police chief takes Ewan’s bike out for a test drive much to Ewan’s disagreement. After a brief stop in Khartoum, Ewan and Charley set out for Ethiopia under the blistering sun. Arriving late, the boys must spend the night in customs. The boys have a full agenda while in Ethiopia, visiting one of its oldest churches. The boys also visit the Eritrean border with armed guards and meet with UNICEF to discuss local efforts to prevent landmine fatalities. The trek to Addis Ababa is difficult – Ewan is tired and has a big fall from his bike. While Ewan comes away from his fall physically unscathed, the boys are at an all time emotional low. Weary after five weeks without a break, Charley and Ewan are tired of trying to beat the clock. Acknowledging the distance between them, things between Charley and Ewan come to a head. After an unpleasant morning, the boys take a step back, evaluating what they would like to take away from the trip. With the air clear and the journey half way done, the boys are ready for the second half of this experience of a lifetime.

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