Sunday 12th October

Sunday 12th October 7.00pm

Duty Officers Cole and Sue are called to a Gold Coast beach at 7 pm because an 18-year-old swimmer has gone missing. His distraught parents soon realize that the boy has most likely drowned. The search resumes at dawn with jet boats, jet skis, the lifesaver helicopter and IRBs but the conditions are appalling.

In the middle of a mass rescue, an IRB flips while trying to avoid a collision with a jet ski. One of the lifesavers, Kenny, is carried motionless from the water. Distressed colleagues rush to help him and wait with him until he is taken to hospital.

Meanwhile, the search for the missing boy is called off because of the wild conditions.

In Sydney, lifesavers at Newport Beach are preparing for their annual 2km ocean swim. With around 400 competitors, extra lifesavers have been put on duty to help out.

Just as the swim starts a warm north easterly wind comes through, blowing in a mass of marine stingers. The lifesavers try to warn the swimmers, but it’s too late. Many competitors have been stung but one man in particular has a potentially life threatening problem. He has taken a blue bottle sting to the mouth.

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