Sunday 5 October

Sunday 5 October, 8.00pm

New Zealand is a country of Animal Lovers. With nearly 800,000 dogs and 1.5 million cats, we have one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world. TVNZ 6 Family is delighted to bring New Zealanders a new family television series, hosted by Sarah Ulmer and Jeremy Maguire, for people passionate about animals – Animal Academy.

Sarah Ulmer gets to meet Jeremy Maguire’s dog Fyffe in this week’s episode of Animal Academy. They spend a day with Alf, who runs his own pet shop, and head to Kawerau to visit 11-year-old Jonathon Smith who keeps a 200-kilogram wild boar as a pet. Vet Deborah Simpson performs a dog hip operation and Jeremy gets hands on with some Madagascan lemurs and cotton-top tamarins.

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