Tuesday 30 September

Tuesday 30 September, 7.30pm

TV ONE’s Coronation Street catch-ups kick off this an extra episode on Fridays at 7.30pm.

Liam’s back and is shocked to find both the factory open and Carla in charge. Calmly asserting he left chaos and someone had to step in, Carla is adamant this is her factory now. Liam’s stunned as she reveals Paul left her his share of the factory and while she wants to work with him, she’s the majority shareholder and that makes her the boss.

As Liz arrives back, she’s shocked to see Derek waiting for her claiming he needs to talk. Agreeing to go to the flat, it’s not long before she’s back in his arms, while Vernon waits expectantly at the Rovers. As she goes to leave, they’re interrupted by Linda at the door. Hiding a half dressed Liz on the balcony, Derek answers the door to his wife who claims she knows there’s someone in there.

Sarah and Jason are back from holiday and gather the Platts to announce their engagement. Gail’s surprisingly supportive.

Elsewhere, Violet takes the most important test of her life; Eileen’s back with Pat, but she’s not proud of herself; Sally prepares for her 40th; and Leanne prepares for her grand opening.

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