Wednesday 1 October

Wednesday 1 October, 8pm

Dog trainer Victoria Stilwell is back to train Britain’s naughtiest dogs on the TV ONE series It’s Me Or The Dog. Her first mission is to cure the traumatised Yorkies belonging to Bruce Forsyth’s daughter Debbie. Throughout the series viewers will see Stilwell tame the terrible, rein in the randy, and deal with the downright dangerous, but first she will confront the cruel crime of dog napping.

Dog napping is a fast growing crime in Britain and can happen to anyone, as Stilwell discovers when she meets Widget and Gizmo, the Yorkshire Terriers belonging to Bruce Forsyth’s daughter Debbie Matthews. The pair were snatched from her car last summer and only returned after a series of emotional appeals on GMTV with her famous father. But both dogs and owner still bear the emotional scars of their ordeal.

The Yorkies go mad at anyone who comes within 10 feet, so Debbie Matthews and partner Richard have had to blackout their house to keep the dogs calm. Wracked with guilt for leaving them alone in the first place, Matthews is thinking of quitting the country in search of a safer, quieter life for her and the dogs. Victoria Stilwell will have to turn part-trainer, part-counsellor to help Debbie Matthews and the dogs get their lives back on track, before they’re gone for good.

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