Where's a shark filled tank and a motorbike when you need one?

I’ve only ever seen a couple of Sportscafe episodes, and after seeing five minutes of last nights episode, I think that’s been too much.
I was surfing during a break in the All Blacks vs Samoa test on Prime (I don’t have sky, as I don’t beleive you should have to pay to watch your national team on tv) and turned onto 2 (they had promised two sportswomen who were also models in the ads). For the first four minutes they blather on mindlesly, talking about the test I was in the process of watching and then promptly tell us the result along with highlights lifted from the sky broadcast. Great. That ruined 70 further minutes of game watching.
But while they were jabbering away, I couldn’t help but notice the complete lack of sound from the studio.
Not a chortle (they didn’t say anything funny, regardless), sneeze or cough from the audience.
They used to film the show at a bar by the viaduct in Auckland, which had atmosphere, noise and, well an audience.
They now film it at Eden Park, apparently, and you have to buy a $20-something ticket for the privellege. Any wonder the set was as quiet as a tomb?
Marc Ellis continues to act like New Zealand’s oldest mischevous twelve year old. Game of Two Halves had long since done it’s dash with Matthew and Mark’s childish antics way before the whole Vietch affair. Lana’s Career highlight is still wearing pretty clothes and turning letters on the old Wheel of Fortune (couldn’t they get a machine to do that?). Rick’s straight man is better suited to his other role on The Crowd Goes Wild and aside from this show, a Friday-night-live music style show years ago (on TV3 I think) and some radio time, I was unaware Graeme was still in the industry. Lee Hart / “That Guy” I just don’t get. I’m not sure if that’s just me, or he just isn’t funny.
Did the show need to come back, or will this be their swan-song?

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Andrew Frame

Growing up in 1980's New Zealand we were spoilt for choice when it came to quality television - especially locally made content.
So what the hell happened?!
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  • dragon72

    You left too early and missed the streaker

  • Rogue

    Actually last night was the first time I noticed the crowd. lol But something is off. It could be the new venue, but overall the show just seems a bit tired. Which is why I’m surprised they tried to do everything exactly like before. (Same set, hosts, gimmicks etc)

    And now there’s a sense of deja vu when watching the show except we have have weird awkward silences and everyone speaking over each other. They just don’t have the same flow as they use to…

    I still watch though… lol

  • damio

    ive heard lots of crowd noise since the return… does it matter about them? not really… watch the That Guy segments you can hear them too… oh or you could turn your tv up first? lol