Winston Peters: Exclusive Interview on Maori Television

An exclusive and candid interview with Winston Peters will screen in Maori Television’s indigenous current affairs show NATIVE AFFAIRS on Monday September 15 at 8.00 PM.

The 30-minute interview follows many weeks of controversy over allegations of large, unreported donations to his party, and his subsequent appearance in front of a Parliamentary select committee.

As well as the Peter’s interview, by host Julian Wilcox, NATIVE AFFAIRS will feature a range of stories from Aotearoa-New Zealand and abroad.

This week’s episode includes a story about medical services in rural areas, where Maori doctors are working long hours, in remote locations with little resources – but great need.

The international story this week is a report about a nine year-old boy that has a python for a house pet.

NATIVE AFFAIRS is now in its second season, following a successful debut series that was nominated in last year’s Qantas Television Awards for best current affairs show.

Covering regional and national current affairs from a Maori perspective as well as international indigenous news, the show is led by a highly experienced team of producers that includes executive producer Colin McRae, producer Sharon Hawke and associate producer Wena Harawira. Other reporters on the team are Taiha Molyneux, Annabelle Lee-Harris, Makere Edwards and Marisa Balle.

For educational, informed and serious current affairs, tune in to NATIVE AFFAIRS on Maori Television every Monday at 8.00 PM, replayed on Fridays at 10.00 PM.

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