Get Henwood off the Screen

Call it another excuse to make plain how much I dislike Dai Henwood but I don’t care. I just can’t stand the guy and would wish they would stop giving him work so I wouldn’t have to see him on TV.

He was excruciatingly lame on the Vodafone Music Awards, but even without him the awards was pretty poor anyway. Can NZ not host a quality awards ceremony for once?

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  • ben

    The guy uses extremely low brow humour I have to admit. I don’t watch c4 much…but yea his show is designed for the teens I think.

    I reckon get a music person to host the music awards? You know, reinvent the wheel and all!

  • Fozzy Bear

    Absolutely. He’s crass, he’s crap, it’s all potty humour that even the lowest intellect teen would look down on.
    He even makes Mark Ellis look slightly less like a druknen idiot.
    The worst part is he’s completely up his own butt! Chest puffed out, self important, but still nowhere even near funny.

  • Finally Free

    It’s not potty humour, at least I’ve never noticed it, and I think I would because I don’t find scatological humour funny, and I usually find Dai Henwood hilarious. Granted, I barely watched the awards show last night, because I think those nz award shows are generally crap, and they didn’t have anyone good performing. But his shows on C4 are hilarious.

  • MrCynical

    I find him creepy. But because of that I don’t watch his shows. He just comes across as a smarmy blokey prick

  • Lucas73

    i went to the awards and Dai was adequate but not stellar. He did say something about wanting to see the band Cut Off Your Hands touring with Anthony Dixon. Very very poor taste and the crowd was not impressed but it was edited from the broadcast. I thought their band name was in poor taste when they changed it to C.O.Y.H. not long after Anthony Dixon committed this foul act.

  • Gib

    I think Dai Henwood is a fantastic comedian. So what if he’s crass and uses potty humour now and then? I think it’s reflective of progressive Kiwi humour, and I love how it’s rubbed in the face of all the stiff, boring, P.C., lame people that complain about anything and everything. Half of the big comics in the US use the same style of humour and they’re huge.

    I thought he was great at the awards and I hope he is given MORE work so we get to see MORE of him on TV.

    Lighten up and have a freakin’ laugh.

  • bobscoffee

    i have no problem if dai uses potty jokes. the problem i have is that anything and everything he says is just not funny. he’s not a funny guy regardless of the type of jokes that he vommits out.

  • ascesis

    You can add most NZ comedians to the unfunny lists. Like most cultural things “New Zealand” – its all cringe rather than fringe. The other night at Victoria University Orientation [Wrigley and Hurley were as bad] Dai’s jokes were mainly about date rape. He talked about how big his cock was etc. It was just an embarrassment. Don’t get me wrong I love crude, distasteful humour – but it is has to have a light heartedness to it. Dai and and his ilk of NZ comedian – of which there are far too many are just crude – and anyone can do that. Basically they’ve plagirised a bunch of crappy cliches and presented these as comedic. Terrible state of affairs.