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After a dramatic fall, hospital receptionist Yvonne Jeffries (Alison Quigan) has been taking some time to recover. Complications from the accident have left her facing the possibility of surgery.

Initially shocked by the news, her three daughters have decided to take a practical approach by cajoling Yvonne to ‘put her affairs in order’ before she goes under the knife.

Despite their good intentions, Yvonne can’t help but be dismayed that her own family are putting their financial welfare before her health. Just when she needs her family close, she feels tempted to push the greedy girls away.

It turns out a nurse’s wage isn’t quite enough for one big spender. For some time now Nurse Morgan Braithwaite has been hiding her housing and money problems from friends.

However having the chance to review Morgan’s bank statements, friend Gerald is shocked at the depths of her financial woes. Quick thinking Gerald decides to instigate a stringent budget – starting with some serious cutbacks.

Will spend thrift Morgan be able to adhere to Gerald’s rules or will money matters come between these two best friends?

Shanti’s return to Ferndale and into the arms of husband Scotty should be a time of celebration. However all may not be well in the Kumari-Scott household when Shanti hears about her husband’s new gal-pal Bernadette Hamblyn (Narelle Ahrens).

Fearing Shanti’s wrath, Scotty plays doting spouse, hiding his recent liaisons with Bernie. Little does Scotty know that Shanti has a few secrets of her own she’s keen to keep buried.

When flicking through her holiday snaps he is incensed to find a photo of Shanti cosying up to an old flame. Are cracks starting to appear in the marriage of Ferndale’s cross-cultural lovers?

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