October 5 2008

Sunday 5 October, 7pm

The multi-award-winning series The Zoo takes viewers behind the scenes at Auckland Zoo, to bring you more fantastic stories about the animals and the people that look after them.

This week, elephant keeper Laurel travels to Thailand and spends time with a hungry baby elephant. In the wild, a herd might have several baby elephants which could play with each other, so Laurel organises a few enrichment activities for the baby elephant, which gives it’s mum a nice break! Having only worked with Auckland Zoo’s elephants Burma and Kashin, it is great for Laurel to interact with new elephants and to gather knowledge that she can bring home.

The tigers, Oz and Molek, have to face the fact that it might not be first time lucky when it comes to starting a family, and keeper Christine helps the little cotton top Tamarins move to their new home.

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