Oliver Drivel

Well done Oliver. You manage to overtalk everyone including the sexy Carly. You need to slow and not rush. A good start. So much more excitement on the show. Less like the morgue it was last week.

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  • tvnewser

    I thought he was really good! I really liked the bit where they spoke with Jaquie Brown and David Farrier… the four of them seem to get on really well.

  • Steve

    I thought Oliver has OK although he doesn’t seem altogether comfortable with mainstream TV – but perhaps that’s just first week nerves.
    He lobbed a couple of ‘curly’ questions the PM’s way which was good to see.
    Good to see him gently taking the mickey out of that horrible holiday informercial featuring Carly.
    Still a lot of forced banter and false laughter – need to cut that out.
    Content? Still News ‘Lite’, unfortunately. Hollywood gossip twenty minutes into the show? Come on..
    By thw way I see Jim Coleman is filling in for Michael Laws this week on Radio Live. Is this what Coleman meant by his comment about ‘exploring’ new opportunites?

  • Marie Jones

    He drives me mad! Just no need to make everything about him and perhaps just actually ley others speak rather than talking over them the whooooooooooooole time!

    A funny man in the right place but this show isn’t a one man band.