Saturday 11 October

Saturday 11 October, 7.30pm

The craziness continues this Saturday for the remaining Americans competing on TV2’s I Survived a Japanese Game Show.

This week features two more ridiculous tasks for the competitors in Japan. The first game, ‘Sticky Sticky Bang Bang’, has one team mate dressed in velcro and suspended by a wire, while his or her team mates shoot and toss projectiles from the opposite side of the game platform onto their velcro suit. However, the opposing team gets to pull the suspended team mate from side to side, making it hard for the objects to stick and be caught. The goal of the game is to attach as many projectiles as possible onto the velcro suit in the allotted time.

‘You Swing And Hope For The Best’ has a contestant swinging on ropes from a platform into a line of seven doors, one at a time, trying to find the three solid doors in the fastest time. In true Japanese game show form, the remaining four breakaway doors each have a ludicrous surprise waiting behind them for the contestants.

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