Season 2

Sunday 5 October, 5.30pm

A new season of Kyle XY starts Sunday at 5.30pm, continuing the story about the strange boy with a mysterious past and the family that takes him in.

Kyle (Matt Dallas) returns home and is nervous about telling the Trager family the whole truth about what’s being going on, but once it is out in the open the Tragers only support him more and rally around him to help take on Madacorp.

The family heads to the company family day with a plan in hand to help Kyle take down the CIR machine. As Kyle makes a deal with Ballantine for the coveted information, the plan goes awry when Jessi shows up, already in Madacorp custody.

Now that Jessi possesses the information, Kyle’s plan is ruined. Can Kyle finally persuade Jessi to do the right thing before Madacorp can get the information? Or will she play right into their hands?

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