Tuesday, October 21st

Tuesday, October 21st at 9:30pm

From the creator of Sex and the City comes one of the most exciting new series of ’08, the highly anticipated Lipstick Jungle premieres Tuesday, October 21st at 9:30pm on 3.

Based on the best-selling book by Candace Bushnell, this enticing new series follows three high-powered friends as they weather the ups and downs of lives lived at the top of their game.

“Obviously I’m biased but it has a fabulous script, very close to the book, and the production and casting are everything I’d hoped for,” says Bushnell, who features in a cameo role in the season premier, of the series.

Lipstick Jungle revolves around movie executive Wendy Healy (Brooke Shields), Nico Reilly (Kim Raver) editor-in-chief of a hot fashion magazine, and free-spirited designer Victory Ford (Lindsay Price) who longs to make her dreams come true, and maybe find Mr. Right along the way.

“It’s like I’m shooting my own reality show,” says Shields of the series. “My character, Wendy Healy, is juggling a career and kids, just like me, so it’s like I’ve got a camera following me around all day.”

Although the series is based on the eponymous novel by Bushnell, the same person behind the Sex and the City book, Andrew McCarthy – who portrays Joe Bennett, the billionaire who romances fashion designer Victory – believes the show has something different to offer viewers.

“I was a big fan of Sex and the City, but [Lipstick Jungle] is different,” says McCarthy. “It’s a different book, and the tone is different and there is a real regard for women that I find really attractive… [but] the Sex and the City reference I think is inevitable because of Candace. She created them both, but it is a different beast.”

The series is so close to Bushnell’s book that it is filmed entirely in New York, the same city which the book is set in.

“It was great to come to New York but there were issues we wouldn’t have faced in L.A.,” explains California-based executive producer Eileen Heisler of the struggles of filming in the Big Apple. “We were filming in a brownstone which was so narrow we couldn’t be on the same floor as the actors,” she adds of one of the more memorable challenges.

“We were sitting watching the monitors in the basement with the windows open so the cables could be trailed in from above.”

Another challenge the crew faced was the off-putting New York weather during the mid-March filming. “It started sleeting and it was impossible to see what we were doing,” recalls Heisler, who says the average working day on set was 15 hours.

“We have been putting in some long hours,” agrees Shields.

But it seems the long hours have paid off as the series has been well received by critics and fans alike. Make sure not to miss this hit when Lipstick Jungle premieres on Tuesday, October 21st at 9:30pm on 3.

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