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New Zealand rugby star Daniel William Carter, made his debut at the 2002 Under 21 World Cup in South Africa and found himself in an All Blacks jersey soon after. As the All Black’s Fly Half, arguably the most flashy and eye-catching position in rugby, Carter is constantly under the spotlight.

Carter is currently on tour with the All Blacks in Europe and on this weekend’s TALK ASIA, he gives CNN’s Anjali Rao a rugby kicking tutorial, giving out top tips for aspiring All Blacks players and demonstrating kicks from a professional fly half. An soon to be temporary member of the French team USA Perpignan, he also shares his thoughts on moving to France in the upcoming season, hopes for the next World Cup and feelings about being a “sex symbol”.

“I have certain cues that keep me in the same place whether I’m at practice or out on a match day or in a field.” says Carter about in-game jitters: “So I get to the back of my run up and that’s when I take a big deep breath in and tell myself to relax because this is when the nerves can really really kick in… so I sort of take a deep breath in tell myself to relax and then that’s when I look up at the post and being a left footer I get a little bit of a natural left to right curve.”

When asked about his upcoming six month contract for the French team, USA Perpignan, Carter says that he’s looking forward to it: “I really love the French lifestyle and the French culture, and I guess you know I’m going to a new challenge. You know, I’ve been playing professional rugby for six years, I’ve been playing in the same competitions, Super-14 and then into the All Black competitions so it is a change for me so I’m looking forward to playing in the French competition and experiencing a new challenge which will be great.”

Through TALK ASIA, Carter assures his fans of his eventual return to the All Blacks for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. Carter is the first member of the All Blacks to be granted a sabbatical abroad and still maintain his position in the national side: “Got a lot of good friends playing in New Zealand, so hopefully them and I guess the public won’t give me too much stick when I come back because at the end of the day that’s where I’m going to be for the next two and a half, years until you know the end of 2011 so that’s where my future lies long term anyway.”

Although he’ll be backed by the world-famous All Blacks, Carter shares with TALK ASIA his concerns about his opponents on his current European tour. Carter is confident that the All Blacks will pull through with a good game, even when facing six nation champions Wales: “… they’ve had a great year so far so they’ll be extremely tough but I think all the teams pose a real threat at home, and they’re always a bit tougher … in the Northern Hemisphere playing at home so you know we’ll just take each game as it comes and you know, we’re out to win every one.”

Watch the interview on CNN: Wednesday 13 November at 3am or 5pm; Sunday 16 November at 4:30am; Monday 17 November at 4am.

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