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Shanti Kumari’s (Nisha Madhan) party time is threatened by a lack of enthusiasm from the nearby residents. Knowing the history of Shanti and Scotty’s (Kiel McNaughton) new bungalow, neighbours are opting to stay well clear of the place, party or no party.

Lucky for the Scotts, friends from the hospital turn up and there looks to be the making of great night until cracks start to appear… literally!

The house soon starts to reveal its sorry state with water pipes bursting, ropes breaking and fuses burning. House-proud Shanti ignores the signs. But in the dead of night, when strange noises start happening, Shanti is forced to question the safety and sanctuary of her new abode.

Is there something sinister lurking in the Scott’s new abode?

After a series of lows for money troubled nurse Morgan Braithwaite (Bonnie Soper), a surprise invitation gives Morgan new hope.

Friends Cindy (Sarah McLeod) and Trent Watson (John Glass) ask the doe-eyed nurse if she’ll be the godmother of their unborn child. Thrilled and flattered, Morgan readily agrees and instantly has high hopes for her future role.

However her happiness is short lived when her next encounter with Cindy and Trent leaves them reeling. Is there no happiness in the future for poor Morgan?

There are hints that love may conquer all when tough guy Kingi Te Wake (Te Kohe Tuhaka) lets his guard down and declares his love for the beautiful Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe).

However Tania’s reservations about her bad boy beau are quickly rekindled when she becomes embroiled in Kingi’s gang dealings. Determined to help her man make a clean break from the life he once lived, Tania makes a move to get the law on her side.

Little does she know that by betraying the gang she hates, she may also have betrayed the man that she loves, and the consequences could be deadly.

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