MediaWorks to launch +1 channel on Freeview

MediaWorks TV is to launch its first Freeview exclusive channel in March 2009. The format will be a +1 channel, providing all of TV3’s content on a one-hour delayed basis.

When the +1 service was launched on the Freeview platform in the UK, the channels proved among the most popular, as they give viewers the opportunity to see top rating programming at an alternate time, rather than programming aimed strictly at a niche audience.

With the launch of +1, Freeview viewers will have an option as to when they do their viewing. 3 NEWS will be available at 7pm well as at its normal time of 6 pm on TV3. Daytime serial drama watchers who can’t watch Home and Away at 5:30pm now have the option of watching it at 6:30pm on +1.

“In the UK, tuning to the +1 channel averages 38% of the tuning to the main channel on the same platform and we would expect no difference in New Zealand,” comments Rick Friesen, Director of Special Projects. “As the advertising content will remain the same on +1 as on the TV3, advertisers will have an extra opportunity for exposure of their products and services.”

+1 will be available on Freeview Channel 8 from Monday, 30 March, 2009.

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  • Rachel

    Interesting. Sadly it’s not a new channel though, in an age of PVRs…

  • openmedia

    Sorry just not impressed. Yes these channels are popular in the UK, but that is often down to the numerous program clashes due to the number of channels.

    I suppose they needed to make some sort of announcement. I’ll give odd the channel will have a “+1” on the end of their DOG just like the UK channels.

  • RingbearerNZ

    I like it…. I’m one of these people that often forget when a program starts and often this is half an hour later resorting me to have to find it on the internet…. now I can just wait half an hour top watch it since I watch most things on TV3…. I can even watch the news after dinner since normally dinner is around this time… oh the wonders of this!

  • tvwatcha

    Great move.
    Having just got back from UK, this was a great feature on freeview there. Especially when you had the situation where 2 great programs clashed, and then an hour later you had nothing to watch.
    Also think it’s a wise move for TV3 (extra viewing option of there premiere channel), rather than create a whole new freeview channel just for the sake of it, which would no doubt be re-runs and crap. Let’s face it – If they can’t get C4 to rate, no point spending money on an extra freeview channel.
    Will be interesting to see if Sky carry this service.

  • hads

    Great that they are launching channels, unfortunately as Rachel said for those with a PVR it isn’t of much use and thus not a new channel.

  • Gavin J

    I think this is fantastic. There are so many times when I have 2 things to watch. I do understand however, why people are annoyed about no new channel..

  • bobscoffee

    One word – disappointing. What Freeview really needs is new content to encourage people to use the service, not reruns or in this case a duplicated tv channel running an hour later

  • MorrisTheCat

    For me this is going to be utterly FANTASTIC! Some nights i’m caught up in that darn Auckland Nor-Western Motorway crawl home and end up missing my fave News. Setting a PVR just for News only on the off-chance i might miss it is a bit lame when there are more important things to be recorded and occupy HDD space in the machine.

    Good stuff TV3….

  • SuzieQ

    Awesome! I don’t have a VCR or HD (or PVR, don’t know what that is tho) and often get home once something has started, so this is GREAT! We were going to get Freeview anyway. Happy me.

  • prime view

    If they could only have a Prime +1 channel on Freeview instead – now THAT would make a LOT of people happy!

  • MorrisTheCat

    I’m sure Freeview would love Prime (even as a +1) but because Sky is a major controller you won’t ever be seeing anything out of Prime that would only serve to pull viewers away from Sky (ratings considered).

  • Rachel

    SuzieQ: a PVR is like a VCR but is digital (so no rewinding tapes or wondering which tape you’ve recorded something on!) and has lots more features (recording multiple channels at once, series link – so you can record all episodes of a show etc).

  • tvnewser

    I think this is great aye!

    Sure there are PVRs and stuff these days, but like Morris said below you don’t set those up to record everything just incase you get home half an hour later than usual one day.

    Half the time when I record things I never end up watching them because I think oh it will still be there tomorrow, and then by the time I get several episodes behind it is suddenly too much and I stop watching the show.

  • Richard Barron

    Its just a cop out they havent helped freeview at all they are only doing it as they are contracted to have a extra channel on the freeview platform as part of the agreement between share holders. its just a waste of a channel. TVNZ have set up 3 extra channels even the maori channel has set up a second channel (Te Reo)and I bet there operating buget is nothing near the like of TV Works (TV3, C4)

  • Andy

    Yeah, I agree. Mediaworks have been very slack, not organisable, uncreative as well as not resourceful. First of all tv3+1 logo is too too general, and the channel could be an individual channel where it broadcasts its own variety of programming. I mean at least TVNZ 6 and TVNZ 7 and other TVNZ channels have developed their own particular style in scheduling, logos and programs. In an age of competitive broadcsating: Come on Mediaworks you are puting your self in an disadvantage, you are not using your resources very well!!!

  • Danny

    dumb dumb dumb tv3!

  • Kevin